The Best Books To Learn Xamarin The Right Way

Xamarin is one of the most common platforms for developing a cross-platform application. It utilizes C# for the entire development process making it easy by performing a single code for the android, iOS as well as a windows app.

With so many languages in the market and the plethora of information available, one might get more confused while developing an app. Developers are also humans, and they need to look for resources every once in a while for assistance. These resources not only help the developers but the managers as well to understand the complexity that goes into a developer’s work and the hardship they have to go through in order to make a running application.

When it comes to resources, there are multiple blogs, websites and downloadable pdf’s out there that can help these developers. But the only problem here is, when the developers work their entire life in front of a computer screen the last thing they want is to have to sit in front of the same machine for learning about their work. They deserve some break, and hence multiple books out there provide this option. When looking for in depth information about Xamarin, we provide you the list of books out there that will help you almost any queries you may have and you won’t need to look on the web for any further information.

  1. iOS Development with Xamarin Cookbook

Author- Dimitris Tavlikos
You can buy the book here.

Why this book:

  • Offers step-by-step instructions for using different features provided by Xamarin.
  • Learn how to install Xamarin.
  • Design a user interface with the help of Xcode
  • Learn to manager multimedia like photos, videos etc.
  • Using the feature of GPS in your app and the mapping feature.

  1. Mastering Xamarin.Forms

Author- Ed Snider
You can buy the book here.

Why this book:

  • An easy to follow book.
  • Teaches the basic and advanced tools of Xamarin.
  • Learn to use architectural patterns to build a robust app using Xamarin.form
  • Learn to implement online and offline data in mobile apps.
  • Can be used to build custom user interfaces using different API’s

  1. Xamarin Essentials

Author- Mark Reynolds
You can buy the book here.

Why this book:

  • Get practical solutions for creating an app and the way to reuse them.
  • Learn the fundamentals of the platform.
  • Understand the architecture behind the making of an application on Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.
  • Learn how to use Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio.
  • Create stunning user interface using Xamarin for your app.
  • Run your application on different platforms.

  1. Xamarin.Forms Kickstarter 2.0

Author- Falko Schindler
You can buy this book here.

Why this book:

  • Easy to understand for people who are new to Xamarin.
  • Position your content correctly.
  • Learn how to go beyond the default elements and create a custom app.
  • Implement icons feature to create an amazing UI.
  • Access online resources using the app.
  • Learn to combine native and shared code.

  1. Xamarin Blueprints

Author- Michael Williams
You can buy this book here.

Why this book:

  • Learn to build a gallery app, GPS locator app, audio player app or a SpeechTalk app.
  • Build chat applications with the help of the book.

  1. Xamarin Cross Platform Development Cookbook

Author- George Taskos
You can buy this book here.

Why this book:

  • Offers a recipe like approach.
  • Build an app in the three major mobile app stores.
  • Useful for people already familiar with C#.
  • Understand the cross-platform interfaces and patterns.
  • Learn how to utilize third party libraries.
  • Create shared data access using a REST service and local SQLite database.

There are multiple books out there that will provide you with the necessary information you need. You just need to find the book that is right for your needs, we have stated the ones we prefer the most. These books are detailed step by step guides which can be used for different developers, some for a rather new one who may not be familiar with C#, choose your type and go for the book that goes parallel to your flow and reading preferences.

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