10 Most Popular Mobile Applications Built Using Xamarin

Xamarin,founded on 16th may 2011, is a Microsoft Corporation, unique in this space by offering a single language-C#, class library, and runtime that works across all mobile platforms. It has grown to 1.4 million developers across 120 countries and was acquired by Microsoft to become part of its Visual Studio environment. It allows you to build a native user interface for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using 100% shared C#. Industries such as Tech, gaming, hospitality, media, manufacturing, healthcare has a strong belief in the potential of Xamarin for mobile app development. Now, with Xamarin building a mobile application, it is as easy as an Integrated development environment, bringing some ideas together, a test on that and submitting to an APP store that too in just a few hours. Currently, around 15,000 Companies use Xamarin to build, test, and monitor powerful apps.

Below are some of the most popular applications built by Xamarin:

  1. StoryO 2

StoryO allows a writer to design their own paradigms and environment that supports how they refer to organize ideas and approach each idea. It brings information such as maps, weather, and Facebook post, all at one place either it is an image or video post. It reviews and revives your photos or videos and compiles it into a story that you and your friends and family could cherish forever and ever.

  1. Just Giving

This app was introduced in Australia and then to the world. It originated with the idea of fundraising and helping the people in need for their education, support and empower people living with heart disease. On the other hand, it encourages people to chose sporting or exercise of their choice.The app tracks the exercise time and calculates the heartbeat by which one cent per beat is sponsored.

  1. The World Bank

The app was released in September of 2013 by Xamarin in order to survey the economic development and social change in people around the world for The World Bank. It has reduced the work for laptop and personal survey and it’s executives can now collect data from thousands of their users on mobile or tablets to push for seamless data collection.

  1. Olo: Online Food Ordering 

It started in the year 2005 with the motto of serving their customers with delivery of their favorite food from their favorite restaurant.. In the year 2017, they were serving over 70 million customers by taking out the delivery of branded restaurant apps and sites. After going through other platforms they switched to Xamarin for a better understanding of customer experience.

  1. Insight App

Founded in 2009, has 1.5+ million users and 25000+ business in all industries. It has got 200,000 app downloads. Considering its position, Xamarin designed it as a simple to use yet, powerful, Custom Relationship Management (CRM) system for small and midsize businesses, enterprise teams, etc., in a way that exceeded customers expectations.

  1. FreshDirect: Online Food Grocer

Started in the area of New York in 2002 with the idea of deliveringfresh food to its consumers and later started with pre-cooked food. It is an innovative Company and a leader in the online grocery delivery business. Xamarin developers worked with them to rebuilt their iOS and Android apps to improve performance and also built a companion app – FoodKick, which targeted deliveries ofpre-cooked and packed meal.

  1. Skull of the Shogun: Gaming App-

Coming from the segment of Arcade Games, previously launched for Steam, Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and 10. Owing to its popularity they developed Android version of the game. With the help of Xamarin and Monogame, they earned over 3,500 five star reviews on Google Play.

  1. SuperGiant Games:

They were not compatible with the iPADs, it needed an upgrade at each level. Earlier it was for Bastion Xbox and PC. But now you can find it on iOS platforms as well. It earned an editor’s choice award on App Store.

  1. APX: Environment Asset Tracker

This app, built by Xamarin Premier consulting partner BlueTube, is drastically reducing the sales cycle after their first attempt with an HTML5-based app. Leading to reuse the majority of their existing C# code and existing web services.

  1. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Research and Development

It is a life science company which worked with complex instruments that are 20 years old and needed a communication system that would help it stand out from its competitors. With Xamarin, the team was able to construct an app for iOS, Android, and iPad that gave them an open hand on the scientific study.

CEOs and startup who has developed mobile apps are familiar with the struggles between speed and quality, iOS and Android, hybrid and native.This document has given an introduction to XAMARIN platform, giving you the opportunity to build and install an app on your Android or iOS on any store. Today Xamarin does not only provides its platform for a user-friendly interface but also to support the developer ecosystem to test and debug products with minimum hassles.


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