Thoughts After Using Xamarin For A Year

Apps have gone beyond building the logic of coding. The developer thinks more widely before starting a project. Xamarin is a new concept to get involved in mobile app development.

Using C# language you get the ability to build cross-platform applications. It is a new technology which is faster than traditional native apps.

There are the following parameters by which you will understand how Xamarin is preferable than any other platforms.

  1. The Code Can Be Shared On Multiple Platforms

As we know, Xamarin is a cross-platform software. It creates app logic for input validation, web service calls, database interactions, database interactions, etc. You can share about 75% of code across various platforms.

  1. Development Time Is Less

With Xamarin you don’t need to make a separate code for each platform. You can directly share similar code on different platforms. It reduces the time required for development.

  1. User Interface

Xamarin has UI design for Xamarin studio and visual studio both. It offers specialised UI and UX design tools.

  1. No Compatibility Issues

Xamarin eliminates all hardware issue by using plugins and specific APIs. This makes Xamarin easy to work with common functionalities.

  1. Maintenance Cost Is Low

A developer has to make efforts to maintain the logic at all platform increase, which increases the maintenance cost. With Xamarin there is no need to make new codes, thus makes the maintenance cost low.

  1. Same Development Environment

Xamarin is not dependent on any other platform. It works on both Xamarin (Mac) and Visual Studio. So, developers don’t need to switch development environment while building the code.

  1. Xamarin Is Faster

By using Xamarin.Forms, you design the views once and share the same views across all platforms.

Conclusion: To save your precious time of developers rather making codes after codes, Xamarin is there for you. It is faster in development and comprises of powerful skill set. It is currently the most widely used app and is growing among developers community.

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