Xamarin Mobile Development : The Cons

In our previous article, we discussed what Xamarin is and how it works, and the perks of using Xamarin. Talking about that we can conclude that Xamarin is one of the most advantageous tools available for application development, but considering every coin has two sides, Xamarin is not also very perfect as it seems.

For development platforms, the subtleness is something which holds a real importance, besides considering the problems which are solved, they also talk about the new one produced. In the same way, it’s not about the perks of the team but also about the perks for those who are working for the team. We must take into account the size of the ecosystem, support communities and how the fecundity of designers and QA team members are affected. All of these factors, when blended with productivity for the immediate developer, determine the time to market, quality, and user experience.

Although Xamarin preserves a lot of time and resources for the developers, there are a lot of obstacles, some of them are mentioned below.

CONS Of Xamarin:

Pricing Strategy
The new pricing strategy of Xamarin is a little complex. They call it free, but it is not if you are developing apps for commercial purposes, and if you already have the Visual Studio Professional you can then ONLY use Visual Studio for development.

Size Of Application
When using Xamarin, there is a lot of software burden because of the linkage of codes and the referencing between .NET frameworks, and the operating systems, which eventually ends in prolonged download and startup time of the application.

Manual Coding
Xamarin says, “Write Once, Run Anywhere!” but that is not completely true. Most of the codes are to be aired to other platforms as well, but the same of Core UI Development is not easily possible and it is really time-consuming to write the whole code again and again.

Limited Support System
There is very little support available for coding outside Xamarin, and the code developed in Xamarin cannot be transferred or used outside Xamarin.

Ecosystem Problem
Since the Xamarin ecosystem is much petite than the iOS and Android one, thus finding an experienced Xamarin developer could be a huge problem, although the Xamarin community is growing with time, still people are not very familiar with it.

Native Knowledge Required
If one wants to work with Xamarin, the developer is required to have the knowledge of basic tools such as Java for Android and Swift for iOS because without understanding that one cannot work with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

Not For Apps With Heavy Graphics
This is because, in Xamarin, you can only share the Logic, sharing the UI code will be platform-specific, so there is no point of working with Xamarin to create an application with heavy graphics.

Well, nothing is absolutely perfect, neither is Xamarin, but until and unless your work is getting fixed, what’s the problem?

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