Advantages of Xamarin Mobile Development : The Xamarin Pros

Whenever we think of designing a new application for the iOS or Android environments, Java, Swift, and Objective-C are the first options which arrive in our mind. Because they are the native options, they are considered to be very reliable and trustworthy. Most of the applications we use are build using these options only.

However, there are many other options open for the app developers, and one of the most trustable and efficient ones is Xamarin! And in this article, we are going to talk about Xamarin only and the benefits of using Xamarin or the Xamarin pros! .

Advantages of Xamarin

What Is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a tool which is used to generate mobile applications. Founded in May 2011, acquired by Microsoft in February 2016, Xamarin uses C# language to build mobile applications and then run them on popular platforms. Xamarin is recognized to be one of the best cross-platform mobile application tools and is preferred by big companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Dow Jones. The code is built in Xamarin tool and the same code can be used on the three major mobile OS which are Android, IOS, and Microsoft.

Pros Of Xamarin:

One Technology Slack
Xamarin uses C# complemented with.Net framework to build the applications for any mobile platform, thus you can use one platform for any type of application for every mobile platform. Xamarin does not require switching between environments. You can now create your apps in Visual Studio too.

Performance As Good As The Native
Unlike the old school solutions of app development, which were based on web technologies, Xamarin can be still labeled as Native. The performance of Xamarin is equivalent to Java for Android and swift for iOS. Xamarin offers both the testing and tracking of the application at a single place only. It has a paid feature known as Xamarin Test Recorder which enables one to test apps and identify issues as well.

Traditional User Interface
Xamarin allows you to create flawless designs experience in a much simple and productive user interface. Simple cross-platform apps for iOS, Android or Windows are built using Xamarin.Forms tool, which later transforms the user interface components into the platform-specific interface components. The use of Xamarin.Forms significantly heighten, the pace of app development, it is a great opportunity to make some money for developers.

Hardware Support
Unlike many other add development tool, Xamarin does not come with any type of hardware compatibility problem. Along with its multi-UI-support system, Xamarin also supports linking with domestic libraries, which allows better customization and boosts efficiency.

Open Source Library
When Xamarin was taken by Microsoft in 2016, the licensing policies went through huge advances. Xamarin SDK and many more things became open source and were available to under the MIT license as a part of The Visual Studio.

Easy Maintenance
Xamarin has made the maintenance of applications much simpler, that happened because of its cross-platform application. One just has to improve the source file of the application and they’ll be applied to the iOS and Android apps automatically.

Hence, we can gather that Xamarin gives various benefits to the user which are not presented by any other tool, and that is what makes Xamarin stand-out.

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