Xamarin Vs PhoneGap- An Untold Solution

Mobile, as we know, is the best portable device and is the easiest way to reach a customer. There are variety of operating system in the market such as iOS, Android, and Microsoft, with more competition in the market, cross-platform app development software tools are the need of the hour.

People while using their mobile phone prefer multitasking. It is also difficult for developers to build apps for each platform, maintaining and updating separate version, can be complex, expensive and time consuming for marketers.

To solve this issue many cross platforms are available in the stores. As all the platforms are not same, you have to know the potential of each and understanding the cost and who you need to hire for your job. Xamarin and PhoneGap have the most views on the store if you are searching for a good cross-platform solution.

Now, let’s explore what they have to offer:

PhoneGap: It is an open source version of the software called Apache Cordova. It works with a single code base, For it, you can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web APIs.

Xamarin: Its cross-platform app development framework creates native apps using C# programming language within the NET framework. It writes apps in shared common UI once and converts them to specific-platforms.

  • We know that PhoneGap uses HTML and JavaScripts, whereas Xamarin uses C# language.
  • Both of them can be used on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms.
  • Xamarin can fully access native capabilities whereas PhoneGap has limited device API access.
  • Xamarin has a native UI, whereas for PhoneGap you have to add native features.
  • Xamarin is compatible with MDM software, whereas PhoneGap is not compatible enough.
  • DOM is supported by Xamarin only.
  • Data amount is problematic for PhoneGap.
  • If you are looking for high launch speed, Xamarin can be your choice.
  • Debugging is easy in Xamarin compared to PhoneGap.

It is for sure that both frameworks produce an excellent application. However, Xamarin is faster in operation but your choice will boil down to which platform will allow easy development and usability. Whereas, Xamarin is preferred by marketers because of its stability. Xamarin is a better choice if you are looking for a long-term run.


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